How to prepare your
Team Leaders for inspired leadership in a new era

An innovative development programme to enable your Team Leaders to evolve the nature and impact of their role as the creator of high performing teams in an era where teams are working in a more complex environment

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Prepare your organisation for a sustainable future

The Covid-19 crisis is the ultimate test of management and leadership – a sudden, dramatic, life-threatening upheaval, where the outcomes are uncertain and the end point is unknown. 

Organisations are finding that the rapid take up of remote and flexible working has left many Team Leaders unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with managing their teams differently, keeping all their people visible and engaged, driving  different levels of interaction and being empathetic to mental health and well-being issues.  The crisis is an opportunity to build a new and high performing team.

We have developed our ‘Team Leaders for the Future’ programme to provide your Team Leaders with the skills and behaviours to equip them for the ‘new normal’ in the Covid 19 era.

International expertise at your fingertips

We have been running face to face development programmes for Team Leaders for some time and have extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. 

Examples include, Pearl Group in Europe and the Nordics, Symphony across Europe and India, and South and Vale District council in the UK. 

Our Team Leader programmes have delivered management skills centred on empathy, emotional intelligence and personal resilience.  Our results speak for themselves.  For example, with one client, 75% of the staff agreed that their manager’s people skills had improved post-training and that their Team Leaders had worked hard to improve levels of staff engagement. 

‘’An expert team that developed a great rapport and programme that has already made a significant difference in our people skills to the benefit of our teams’’ A. Duffield, Service Director

We have now adapted our programme in both content and delivery mode for the new era through innovative online learning.

Team leaders make the biggest impact

Team leaders have become the lynchpin of the organisation, needing to accelerate their capabilities in manging remote and flexible working whilst maintaining and improving productivity whilst retaining the visibility and connectedness of their team.  They are developing an empathy to their leadership whilst needing to build and maintain their own resilience. 

The new era is here.  Are you ready?  How will you handle it?   

Meet our team

Our facilitator team is comprised of leading experts in their fields who have been designing and delivering management and leadership programmes for many years. All of them have held senior positions in private and public companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Google, Microsoft, BT and the NHS. The team includes best-selling authors and winners of prestigious learning and development awards who have transformed lives.

Leader trainer – Lindsey Agness ex-trainer and change management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and author of 4 books on change

Designer and facilitator – Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe – Ex Google and Microsoft and digital culture change Specialist

Designer and facilitator – Dr Michael Reilly an organisational psychologist who has held Director roles at BT plc, France Telecom and Ieso Digital Health

Abby Oates – ex NHS senior leader of learning and development and active learning specialist

Designer and facilitator – Karly Olsen-Haveland ex head of learning and development Google Europe and change consultant at PwC

Tracey Gray – ex NHS Director of learning and development and winner of two prestigious training awards

By the end of this programme Team Leaders will:

  • Have developed their flexibility in terms of the way they communicate and engage with their people
  • Have developed a more “human dimension” to the way they manage by building their levels of emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion
  • Be more skilled at attracting and retaining talent to build a diverse team
  • Be attuned to a growth mindset for their team members whilst being able to cope with ambiguity and change
  • Understand how to develop their own resilience levels and those of their team members
  • Become a leader who has adopted a coaching style that increase accountability and the motivation of others
  • Be empathetic, improving the levels of psychological safety, trust, and rapport in their teams
  • Be an architect of a team culture where staff use innovation to build agility and utilise digital opportunities
  • Know how to lead teams through change and deal with the feelings of loss and ambiguity that change brings
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Choose from three levels of support

We have designed the program with three levels of support to meet your specific needs.

Level 1: Premium Pathway

Our most cost-effective online option. We offer anything from one to multiple licences as we know that many organisations will want to provide the platform to all their Team Leaders or put a regular cohort through the programme. Discounts are available the more licences that are purchased. Level 1 provides access to the whole online programme.

Each of the twelve topics contains a workbook, video with one of our experienced facilitator team and multiple-choice assessment. Plus, we have a library of useful resources such as articles, TED talks and so on

Level 2: Gold Pathway

Everything in level 1 plus a live online group development session for each topic with a member of our team.

These will include input on the topic plus the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get the answers straight away. Also includes a more detailed assessment with email feedback with a member of our team. 

Level 3: Masterclass Pathway

Everything in levels 1 and 2 plus 6 hours of one to one coaching over a 6-month period All participants will also get the opportunity to join our growing online global community of private and public sector Team Leaders when they join us.

And, there are opportunities to purchase all updates and new topics as they are added so you always have access to the latest research and tool-kits.

Please note if you would like to discuss the opportunity to buy multiple licences so all your Team Leaders can take advantage of this programme or if you want to register a regular cohort of Team Leaders please call or email us now.
Please contact us to arrange your personal demonstration of our TLFTF programme and the opportunity to trial a lesson of your choice for free.
*all prices in USD

  • 12 video lessons

  • Detailed supporting workbook

  • Assessments

  • Free content updates

  • Live group development session

  • Detailed assessments and feedback

  • Personal coaching sessions

*all prices in USD

  • Includes level 1 features

  • Plus

  • Live group development sessions

  • Detailed assessments and feedback

  • Personal coaching sessions

*all prices in USD

  • Includes features from levels 1 and 2

  • Plus

  • Personal coaching sessions


Here are some common questions we get asked. Click a question to learn more.

  • How do I know this will work for our Team Leaders?
  • We have been running Team Leader training courses for many years with measurable results.  We believe we have built the three different pathways with sustainability and long-term results in mind.  At Premium level we have built in self-assessment at the end of each topic.  At Gold level this is enhanced by live online group coaching facilitated by our design team to ensure transfer of learning into the workplace.  At Masterclass level each participant also gets their own one to one coach to hold them accountable for taking and delivering change in their teams. 

  • How often will you update the content?
  • We will continue to add new topics and update existing lessons as often is required.  Our design team is consistently researching the latest thinking especially in this Covid-19 era. 

  • How long will I have access to the materials?
  • Any purchaser will have a lifetime access to the platform and the materials.  Any additional live or one to one coaching sessions required outside of our terms and conditions will be subject to additional cost.  

  • What happens if I am not happy with my purchase?
  • If you are not happy with your purchase we will provide a 30-day full refund guarantee.  This will be less the cost of any live or 121 coaching sessions if they have already been delivered.  

  • Is there a time scale for completing the program?
  • There is no set time scale for completing the programme.  We do suggest that one lesson is taken per week which would mean the programme is completed in 3 months.  

Need to train several Team Leaders?

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to buy multiple licences so all your Team Leaders can take advantage of this programme or if you want to register a regular cohort of Team Leaders please call 
on UK +44 (0)1304621735 or click the button below to message us.

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